1. A Few Projects to Tackle Before Winter Hits Hard

    As Minneapolis residents know, when winter hits Minnesota, it hits pretty hard. When the temperature starts to drop it can start to feel like time is running out to get projects done before you settle into your home to hibernate, and that’s true to a certain extent. The good news is that the team …Read More

  2. How to Identify and Protect Yourself from Rogue Roofers

    How to Identify and Protect Yourself from Rogue Roofers

    Your roof is crucial for the structural integrity of your entire home. Unscrupulous, rogue roofers rely on this to execute scams and fraudulent activity. So-called "storm chasers" wait for periods of severe weather, then descend on unsuspecting homeowners to warn of roof damage. These opportunists p…Read More

  3. Our Guide to Asphalt and Composite Shingle Re-roofing

    Choosing a shingle for your roof replacement project is a critical decision you need to consider before starting the project. It can be the difference between a successful project, and one that leaves you fuming every time it rains. If you invest wisely, you add to the value of your home and remain …Read More

  4. What Exceptional Customer Service means to us

    What Exceptional Customer Service Means to Us

    At UpWright Restoration Services, we strive to serve our community with a level of care and attention to detail that is simply unmatched in our industry. Whether you’re seeking a siding contractor or a roofing contractor, what you’ll find with us is that we can handle the task with ease. We ofte…Read More

  5. Why Choose An Environmentally Friendly Renovation Contractor

    Why Choose an Environmentally Friendly Renovation Contractor?

    At UpWright Restoration Services, our goal is to serve each and every one of our clients very well. That’s why whether you’re looking for a roofer to provide you with a roof installation estimate or someone to install replacement windows in your home, you can count on us to get the job done the …Read More