In our previous post, we highlighted a few important safety tips to keep in mind while hanging Christmas lights. It’s not every day that a person gets out the ladder and climbs up onto their roof, after all! We also talked about how crazy it is that the holiday season approached so quickly, and now we feel that it’s our duty to point out just how quickly it came and went.

That’s right — Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s have already come and gone. Before you know it, we’ll be firing up our grills and lounging on our patios with cold drinks and remarking that it’s crazy how the Fourth of July is already just around the corner.

Back to the present though. It’s still winter here in Minnesota and now that the holidays are over, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to take down the lights. So you haul out the ladder once more, you carefully navigate your way upwards, and you start unhooking everything. That’s when you see it.

Is It Time for a Roof Inspection?

It’s not a situation that anyone wants to find themselves in, but it does happen. You’re up on your ladder and you notice that there are some blisters on your roof. You look further and see that the shingles are starting to curl a bit. That’s when you go into full-on amateur roof inspector mode. To round things out, you notice seams showing up in your flashing, and granules disappearing from your shingles.

It’s okay, friend. Don’t panic!

Instead, contact the team at UpWright Restoration Services. We are a roofing company in Minneapolis who specializes in building with craft, care, and conscience. In other words, we know what it takes to do the job the right way the first time around.

Contact Your Team of Local Roofers

Here in Coon Rapids — and the rest of the Minneapolis area…heck, in Minnesota in general — a roof can really take a beating. We’re known for having some pretty harsh weather during the winters, and the truth is that the weather can really start to take a toll on a roof. After all, at the end of the day, it’s shingles and wood. It’s kind of amazing that they last as long as they do!

When it comes right down to it, the fact of the matter is that you’re probably going to have to have you roof repaired or replaced at some point along the way in your journey as a homeowner. The joys of homeownership are many, but unfortunately it’s the downsides that people can tend to focus on. This makes sense, of course, because many would have you think the average cost to replace a roof is going to be astronomical.

Conventional wisdom isn’t always right, thankfully, and in many instances, you’ll find that the roofers at UpWright Restoration Services can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably. That’s a winning combination.

What It Means to Work With Us

One of the phrases that you’ll see on our website pretty regularly is that we build with craft, care, and conscience. Before we get into what that means to us, allow us to tell you a bit about how we approach our work. You see, we know that your home is one of the things that you’ve worked the hardest for in life. It’s the place you go for rest and relaxation at the end of a long day, and it’s where you’ll make some of your happiest memories. We think that you should be proud of that, and we want to help you build on that pride.

That’s why when we say that we build with craft, care, and conscience, that’s what we mean. Quality craftsmanship is crucial to a home in the long term, and we’re dedicated to our craft whether it’s roof repair or siding installation. It’s also important for you to know that we genuinely care about the work that we do. As we mentioned above, we know that your home is important to you, and the level of care you have for it is one that you’ll find mirrored in our work. Attention to detail is important, and we go above and beyond to get things done right.

Last, but certainly not least, we build with conscience. That’s why we’re a Lead-Safe Certified Firm with the EPA, a BBB Accredited Business, and a Member of the National Roofing Contractors Association. We’re also Screened and Approved by Home Advisor. As a Certified Green Roofer, we care about the environment around us, and in doing things the right way, with a vision for the future.

Get a Free Roof Estimate Today

So what should you do if you find that your roof is damaged while you’re taking the lights down after the holidays? Simply contact our roofing company. We’ll come out and take a look, and then we’ll provide you with a written estimate. You’ll find that during this process, we won’t try to bully you into booking an appointment with us. We’re not pushy salespeople, and that’s now how we do things.

Instead, we’ll provide you with the facts, give you some time, and let you decide what’s best for your home. It really is as simple as that. We do both roof repair and roof replacement, so contact us today to get the help you need and rest assured that you’re in good hands with UpWright Restoration Services in Coon Rapids.